But where do you live, on the planet fog, I would say! Wake up, guys, because NOW I AM MAKING A CLEAN SLATE with certain little people so-called good, amen no but hallelujah yes yes yes. I have already started my disposal of senseless and fake people, but doesn’t history remind you of anything? THERE God chose one per species, and the others were sent to the other world, not to rest, obviously, back then hell was in full swing. AND HERE WE ARE AGAIN… You are living SODOM and GOMORRAH. Neighboring Ukraine explains it better than my words! Nothing is left to chance, it is burning there now, and gradually I will descend wherever I can see that this is too much. Putin is just a hook, as was Stalin back then… Hitler and so on. NOW, EITHER YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU NEED TO CHANGE OR I WILL MAKE A “CLEAN SLATE” ONCE AGAIN. WHAT TO SAY ABOUT BIDEN, oh yes, the twin brother of Mattarella, my Lord, but from which planet do they come? Maybe from ancient Egypt, yes yes yes I can barely see them just out of their sarcophagus, Lord, King of heaven and earth, also do us the holy favor to warn them, may they rest in peace in the sense of sending them into retirement, here we need new and genuine forces because they have already made their history.

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