These wonderful drawings are obviously made by us, even if some idiots claim that it is impossible. It is impossible for you to do it exactly as we do it. We first evaluate every possible place first. Of course yes, it is not so easy to realize if the earth does not have certain characteristics, which I cannot explain now. We evaluate every possible area and then take action. Once we have identified the place, what do our superior spirits do? They idealize a design, mind you, that ideas are created according to profound signs and/or specific senses! Not a very small example, but more, if the arrow or the circle is to the north rather than to the south it has great value for us, as well as meaning. So we start, we have and or know every millimeter of the design and consequently its meaning. Our Lady urges us to say, what use are they beyond our amazement? Here now I’ll make you black, yes yes yes, they are our bookmarks on the earth, I can’t go further for the moment. Therefore, having set out once for its realization, we get closer, not much, to the earth. A spear of fire sets off and creates these famous and beautiful drawings in no time, thought guides the spear and everything happens around your hour, clock hour if not less!

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