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Volume 4 The rich will step aside. Finished the great capitalism. Great rich people will almost immediately suffer very heavy effects. The Stock Market will collapse and FIO will rise up against the people of evildoers. Ultimately, they will spill rivers and seas of shit from planet earth so that everything can regenerate.

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Volume 3 It is better that you make mistakes knowing that you are wrong than that you ignore it. It is better that you live passionately, that you desire selfishly, than that you are lukewarm, it is better that you are an atheist who goes to meet men and understands them, rather than that you are a merciless believer!

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Volume 2 No one thought that GOD really existed, much less his righteousness, that from now on you will see triumph on all the injustices perpetrated everywhere. Everything that was shady and hidden will be visible! May GOD be praised and thanked.

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Volume 1 You can have no fear of death, be curious and open-minded. Then we embark on a journey beyond what we see and know towards an unknown but very fascinating near future; a journey where one day we will all meet again, since love isn’t lost but strengthened.