Don’t get confused with these puppets of the European Union, they are put there by the Americans no no no, but more. “In what sense?” FIO asks me, “what do you mean in “more?” Dear children, wake up, the lobbies are the masters there. Who is more interested in Europe belonging to this or that power? Hear, hear, hear: well yes yes yes, they are THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Well yes yes yes beloved children, you cannot remotely imagine the amount of money that they use and abuse! What do they call it? THE AMERICAN DREAM! What is this story, what do they do in the name of vile money? Take a good look at American society, is it a coincidence that GOD named it THE BIG APPLE? ALREADY perfect intuition FIO, THE GREAT EVIL! EVERYONE DREAM OF AMERICA. Idiots, AMERICA is IN ITALY, haven’t you noticed yet? No? Shady business everywhere, mental and spiritual filth everywhere. Let me think, SCIENTOLOGY has built an immense empire there. Their lobby and their hobby is to take away as much money as possible from those worthy idiots who fell for it. Let’s not talk about the American Secret Services. You cannot remotely imagine what they are capable of in the name of freedom. They howl peace and goodness but in reality they are the true evildoers of humanity. Don’t their wars and defeats tell you anything? Be careful, be careful, very careful, we are neither biased nor aloof, we want the REAL TRUTH to finally come to the surface WHEREVER THERE IS A NEED FOR IT!

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