One day we saw a criminal, no, something worse, so tormented by his words that he wanted to confess to his favorite priest, who was also a criminal like him. The priest’s face turned white when he heard his words in a YouTube message. What she was saying couldn’t be true, no no no. Not hearing anything anymore, everyone thought she was crazy, and no one would take her seriously. Only a few months passed since her literary debut, and her books exploded everywhere. People began to despair at how things were going, and unwittingly, she began to make her way, proving that she wasn’t crazy at all but was starting to understand something. Today, we want to talk to you about this blessed but cursed world. Almost everything and everyone is now based on money, entertainment, and who can outdo each other in cheating their neighbor. Cocaine and various drugs now circulate like Coca Cola everywhere, in every branch, it flows almost like water. People don’t want to think, they don’t want to reason. They talk, talk, talk without ever knowing what they are saying. It’s a society that is scary; if there were no GOD, in a few years, there would be hyenas, wolves, and dragons everywhere on planet Earth. Everything is now based on appearance; plastic surgeons have had their golden age, and not only them. Taking care of oneself is great, but this society has overflowed everything everywhere. We wanted to say this because parents have made their lives, and the offspring are in chaos. Education is now an obsolete topic. The clergy is grasping at straws day by day, but few notice it. Being on the left is something to be proud of when, instead, they should be ashamed of how they have led the country until now. Our intention will always and only be to bring this twisted humanity back on the right and better track. One day not far away, actually very, very, very close, we will express better what this march of society really is. Since no one dares to say what they think, everyone has hidden behind dances and amusements, various luxuries! The prostitutes pretend not to notice; they are well integrated into society. God forbid if they weren’t; they are the engine of this fake global society. Luxury lies in pretending to be better than you actually are!


  1. Jonathan says:

    He follows you with great interest from abroad and I am always shocked by what he writes, thanks for his points of reflection!

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