So my friends now we get serious! Have you seen how nature is rebelling? Stupid and usual ignorant talk of your experts of my boots but I would like to say; of my balls are you, I know I know, everyone, just to talk they say a world of bullshit, but the reality is that GOD is tired of your nonsense, your shortcomings, your cunning, nonsense in every field and branch, that’s enough stop stop. From now on the real disasters are to come. You will see how the sky will darken everywhere, everywhere there will be collapses of cunning or thieves. The sky is black, it means that from now on the wrath of GOD will be unleashed on earth everywhere they have not been intransigent no, but more! From now on you will see GOD unleash as never before on earth. Floods in Italy will not be counted, collapse of houses, earthquakes of consciences in every how and why! You are spineless thieves, if you could do nothing from morning to night…, this would be a beautiful country if the Italians hadn’t ruined it through inertia and indifference. It would be a rich nation that would be the envy of the world, but no, nothing is appreciated, certainly not all the works of art in Italy were made by you, despite the fact that you have found every good, instead of appreciating, maintaining, caring , you did the opposite. When I see Rome, the most beautiful capital in the world, my heart aches. Vandalism filth, neglect in every corner, shame on you all all all.

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