Creatures are tired tired of a highly thieving government or squanderer of common money. I see you quiver when these clowns speak, except very few, all the others are really really bank jumpers. They are really jugglers and nothing more. Let’s go in order. One morning you will wake up in utter chaos. Well yes yes yes dear children, we had to expect it. Too many years of bad politics have flooded Italians for a long time not, but a lot of anger, for how this power is managed. Alternating the shirts is of little use if not moving the money here and there, but always for one’s own pleasure and selfishness. Don’t let fear take you, if you care about your nation, stay firm and firm on your principles. Never ever ever give up, otherwise these idiots won’t get scared, they have to start, no, but more to fear the people, who for too long have been too good and or consenting, let me say it! We’ll see. The sack or jar is full, it cannot be accepted that large lobbies become enormously rich when the people are exhausted because of them. Here I am referring both to Enel and to gas which should never have ever cost what you have always paid for. You don’t know how much money flows into government pockets. Billions and billions invade state coffers and do you know what they do with it? Spend as much as I can. If there were a capable and honest person like Our Lady there, that money alone would be enough to restore Italy, but no one wants to do it, and if anyone tries, they’ll be killed. Sleep is fine, but after night comes day. People are on their last legs not yet, but we’re almost there. Also on YouTube you can listen to Maestro Kempis wonderful explanation of the meaning of the mystery of life published years ago, in relation to what is happening in the world, good reflection!


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