Once upon a time there was an evil King, he told his daughter to come down to Earth because men had far surpassed the disease of the century, that is… money! The wicked King, why had he become one? Good as he was, seeing what was happening on Earth, only a bad guy could have survived. He began to give orders after orders, but nobody listened to him. He became a priest as long as they listened to him. She became a woman to better attract attention, but nothing, the evil people were and evil remained! Meanwhile the world was increasingly falling apart and falling apart but nobody lifted a finger that much. That’s how he made HIS DECISION: I go downstairs and make a clean sweep. From that moment on, lightning rolled up in the sky, not, but released everywhere and in any case. The daughter who became a MOTHER had no charge, but this time Ella had permission to clean up everywhere there was dung and mud. The mistake that so far could not be shown for any reason, she took flight and slowly exterminated that mass of lazy workers everywhere on the planet, but the primary city was ROME. The church was the first to collapse together with its rotten priests and pedophiles and then little by little, going going it diminished everywhere. Amen no, but hallelujah yes yes yes. Over time, but not immediately, in the sense, it was immediately understood that Heaven was angry with men, but the Mother did not have an easy life in making herself known. She dictated she dictated colorful sentences, but never ever ever more offensive than that. She was bleeding, her heart was broken because she didn’t remotely think that men were capable of so much, so much dung. One fine day she woke up and she did her make up again no because she didn’t have time. Everything everything everything rolled so fast that she to tell her she didn’t even know who she was. But GOD who was the FATHER had mercy on HER for having always faced with courage and righteousness the world that sailed only in dung. It was not difficult for her to move away from that dung because in her there was no material sin but only original sin. She was not part of that planet that oozed scandal and social climbers in every branch and place of the Earth.

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