ANOTHER STEP OF THE FIFTH BOOK!! As you all know by now, or at least you who follow me and have understood the mystery of life no, but certain concepts yes. For example; I have told you through my books, that every action and promotion, yes yes yes, every act performed in daily living is written and guided. For the rest, what matters are not your actions, BUT YOUR THOUGHTS. One says; but wait a bit, do you really want to tell me that I am a puppet in the hand of GOD? NI, in what sense you will say, a long trail of thoughts envelops me at this moment, which is why I won’t give an answer, at least not now, but I will give it with my speakerphone, lest no doubts persecute you, as it happened to me for thirty years of my inner life. One day I saw Costanzo say that he didn’t believe in God, yes yes yes, he said it many times, right, a convinced communist in that respect. A fucking communist, I would say. Those communists who are out of conviction against the bosses, or at least against the CAPITALISTS, LOOK AT THIS… MANY BILLIONARIES COULD MAKE THE ENVY OF YOUR ASSETS, RIGHT CONSTANZO? Well now he has arrived here, naked and raw as he was, before God he confesses himself an idiot, at least I have to say this, he immediately changed his mind when he saw that there was no one near him, much less his beloved wife, yes yes yes, he adored her, but she not so much. Stop making me change my mind with your paranoia, God doesn’t miss anything and if I tell you that he has already seen reality, his obviously, he finally understood here, that deep down he was alone, very alone. Stop scolding my thoughts, because when I come out in the open I’ll be ready to go further, so let those who can be saved I would say, but a few will not be saved, but certainly the real poor people in spirit.

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